Travel Plans


Shortly this page will be filled with WhereDidSheGoNow’s upcoming

travel, preparation and plans for 2016.

13 responses to “Travel Plans

  1. Very nice El! I’m sure your mom is extremely proud. I know I would be. Both you and Bri have grown into the most amazing young, beautiful women!!!!!!!!!
    Hugs, kisses and lots of love!

  2. Eleeenaaa Favaro!

    I love the overall effort involved in putting together the blog :) I will now walk over to your room, give you a hug, pinch your cheeeks and tell you I LU YOU ;)

  3. heyyyyyyyyyyyyy :)
    you definatly would have a website like this
    nice and organizedd, like alwayss
    we misss you
    have fun on yourr tripss
    loveyouuu <3

  4. Hope you have the time of your life! As I have travelled to many different countries in my youth, I can only give you 2 “must remember always”. Travel in groups and being smart means being safe.
    You will be missed!
    Lov ya, Robin

  5. Hey El!
    Looks like you are having an amazing time!
    I miss you lots and I hope you are having the time of your life you lucky girl!!
    I hope all is well with you and I can’t wait to see you in a couple more months lol!!

    Take care

    Love you lots!

  6. Wow, lots of wonderful experiences…and surprises, I see! I hope you were not one of the 50 that got Britney Spears’ Fever and shaved off your beautiful hair!!!
    Cannot wait to hear it all personally from you when you get back. I assume you have taken lots of pictures also.
    A few more of these types of trips and you will have covered the entire world…good for you Elena.
    Keep your spirits high…your fears low…and your heart open!
    Love xoxo
    Mary (Amanda Panda’s Mom)

  7. Dear Elena,
    I have no words. I’m truly speechless. I love your e-mails and your stories. I had no idea how much I am going to miss you. Well, to be honest with you, ‘me missing you’, started with you growing up so quickly:) not only with you going on this wonderful trip. Ok, now I feel like sobbing a little ;) Give me a moment here…
    Stefano and I always talk about you, so in a way you are very close by. El just prepare yourself for all the kisses and hugs, we are waiting to give you:).
    Love you XOXOXO
    P.S. Julia says “Hi” and Lizzy says “my auntie El”

  8. WoW… is the least I can say!!! You are very inspiring and encourage me to follow through with my passion to travel the world. I am currently enrolled for the Summer 2010 voyage with SAS. However, I have considered switching to the fall voyage. There is a lot to consider with both voyages and reading your blogs only adds to the agony of making such a decision. For now I am set on the summer voyage but if you have any suggestion (your blogs are enough though) I would love to hear them. Looking forward to reading about your future endeavors.

    Have safe travels!!! And as I say… Go, See, Do!!!

    Carpe Diem

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  12. You must be having too much fun because you haven’t blogged at all since starting your Next Big Trip!!!

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