The Bucket List

Life is all about achievements, accomplishments and goals to strive for. For a wandering soul like mine, this is just a short list of what I aspire for. In parallel to this post, many of us don’t stop to think about what we have already done. So I encourage you to check out my post: What Have I Done? For inspiration, and maybe to push you to write your own list of accomplishments!

1. Write a book and get it published

2. Have a New Years kiss in Times Square, NY

4. Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

5. Go Skydiving (ALONE)

6. Volunteer at an orphanage (Completed in Ghana, Mauritius, and Cambodia)

7. Hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru

8. Graduate with a minimum 8.0 GPA –(3.0 on a 4.0 scale) (Graduated with a 3.3 in December, 2012)

9. Go to Grad School somewhere foreign (Went to Law School in Brighton, UK)

10. Snorkel with sea lions in the Galapagos Islands

11. Go Shark Diving (Completed in South Africa, April 2010)

12. Take a road trip across North America

13. Live and work in Australia for a minimum of 6 months

14. Sleep under the stars somewhere isolated (Completed February 2010 on the Great Wall of China, and in the Himalayas June 2010)

15. Witness the Northern Lights

16. Go somewhere where the sun is up 24 hours per day

17. Bungee Jump (Completed June 2009)

18. Swim in the Dead Sea

19. Jump on the Great Wall of China (Completed February 2010- I did the splits too)

20. Work for a non-profit organization

21. Get a star named after me (as a present) (Kyle Koelbel helped me achieve this goal in October 2010)

22. Back pack Europe

23. Circumnavigate the world by Boat (Accomplished Spring 2010)

24. Circumnavigate the world by Air

25. Get a travel internship (Got an internship in Phnom Penh, Cambodia)

26. Go to Tomatina in Spain (Completed August 2014)

27. Get a pen pal (A grade 6 class in Virgina, USA who was following my SAS Journey 2010)

28. Mountain Bike across a significant mass of land

29. Go sandboarding (Completed Morocco 2014)

30. Visit Varanasi in India (Completed June 2010)

31. Visit the Taj Mahal in India (Completed March 2010)

32. Go on a hot air balloon ride

33. Go Scuba Diving on the Great Barrier Reef (Completed June 2009)

34. Get interviewed by someone important for doing a humanitarian deed

35. Ride a camel in the Sahara dessert (Completed Morocco 2014)

36. Ride a mechanical bull (Completed November 2009)

37. Visit a zero gravity chamber at NASA or any affiliated space stations

38. Grow old

39. Go to the Arctic and see the polar bears

40. Deliver a letter personally from the Post Office Bay in the Galapagos Islands

41. Spend a night in an Igloo

42.  Own my own company/ Business

43.  Learn Japanese

44. Learn Spanish– Might be a little bit easier

45. Live in London, England for a minimum of 6 months and be glamorous

46. Run a marathon — even just a small one

47. Be vegan for a year

48. Go to a Full Moon Party in Thailand (Completed June 2011 )

49. Have my own family

50. go to an ICE BAR

51. Adopt an animal from the Humane Society

52. Visit a Refugee Camp

53. See a Lunar Eclipse (Completed June 2011 in Thailand)

54. See a Solar Eclipse

55. Get the word “Forever” Tattooed on me (Completed August 2011, Chiang Mai- in the Khmer Language)

56. See a whale shark while Scuba Diving (Completed July 2013, Cebu, Philippines)

57. Lead a trip somewhere

58. Live on my own in my own Apartment

59. Backpack solo

60. Drive, Own, Roadtrip anywhere in an old VolksWagon Camper Van

61. Own my very own photograph by Peter Lik

62. Grow old with my soul mate/ husband/ love of my life

63. Get into Law School  (Accepted in 2013)

64. Go to Tibet

65. Reach my goal weight

66. Trek to the base camp of Mount Everest

67. Learn about Wine

68. Visit Zanzibar (Accomplished in June, 2012)

69. Scuba dive off the coast of Africa (Accomplished in June, 2012) 

70. Visit Mozambique

71. Visit the Maldives

72. See Mount Everest

73. Sleep under the stars in Africa

74. Stand on the tip of Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe (Accomplished in June, 2012)  

The list is not over yet, I promise:)

6 responses to “The Bucket List

  1. I came across your facebook page Where Did She Go Now so I had to check out this link and it’s amazing Elena! Your bucket list sounds great and I wish you the best of luck on completing everything! You will definitely do them all =)

  2. Elena, what an amazing ‘bucket list’ you have. Watching you grow from when you were 6 years old to the beautiful, vivacious young lady that you are today leaves me breathless! I wish you the very best in accomplishing your list of to dos! When you get back in town, we can talk about your writing passions … My company has taking the next steps and we are now official publishers of inspirational books. No doubt you will produce a book that will inspire the globe including all the young ‘indigo’ children of this world to have clarity and vision—just by listening to their hearts! You are an awesome model for this book. Can’t wait to talk more to you about this aspiration. Keep your spirits high, your fears low, and your heart open!
    Lots of love and xoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. Hey El. I came accross your profile and it brought me to this website. Your bucket list is incredible and I am so happy for you and everything you are accomplishing. This is such an amazing experience and I hope that one day you accomplish everything on your list! The fact that you have already accomplished so many is incredible. I am really happy for you! You’re fearless and it’s amazing. I wish you the best of luck!

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