Biography of a Traveler

I used to hate travelling. Seem’s odd doesn’t it? A travel blog from someone who hated travel, but it’s true. I would cry and hold a fit whenever we had to leave home. Now, the very thought of returning home fears me even more. I am a 20- something, no-idea-who-I-am, unbelievably lost in life, Law student. But what sounds even better is what I used to call myself: a walking wanderer of a dream, and as a traveler, I never want to wake up from that dream.

Padang Padang Beach, Bali, Indonesia

I began this space in 2009 because of an original goal. I want to visit 100 countries before I die. Now, on the cusp of a life altering space in time, and the impending doom of my upcoming 25th birthday, this space is about finding myself. You see, I am a Law Student in England, born in Toronto, Canada, with an Italian Passport. I am a traveler at heart and bred from two of the finest world travellers, my parents, who never sit still. I have a love for photography, a passion for writing down everything I see, hear and smell, and a calling for being anywhere but here. I am the epitome of wanderlust.

Kerala, India

But what does that even mean? It mean’s my life is leading me in a direction where I wear a suit in a court room during the day and go barefoot in loose harem pants at night. I lead a double life, but am in search of cohesion. I am in search of happiness, and finding my bliss. I want to travel, and learn and live in as many countries as I possibly can. This space is about the struggle to follow societies expectations of me while wanting, ever so badly, to run away from it all.

It’s about travel, reading as many books as I can, practicing yoga, meditation, Mala prayer beads, dirty hiking boots, tanned skin, beach bumming, air travel, having only one backpack, vegetarianism and even veganism. This space is about me, and I want to share it with you.

Sahara Desert Morocco

It all starts with one word: Hello. This word is the doorway to the human connection, the first word we say that may lead to the greatest bonds of all time.

Prague, Czech Republic

 Hola, Ciao, Namaste, Salut, Ahoj, Czesc, Kon’nichiwa, Sah-wahd-dee, Shalom, Ní hāo.

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You can check out my personal favorite post for a taste of what

this blog is about, the connections of hello: A Story from Cambodia.

24 responses to “Biography of a Traveler

  1. Elena,
    I am so proud and happy to have made your acquaintance. Your love for life and passion for travel truly impress me. So good luck with all of your travels and I can only hope to keep in touch with the fun bubbly girl I met while on my trip down under!!!
    one love-

  2. I love your passion for life!!
    Do not let anybody or anything stop your dreams!
    All is possible and if God created it is our duty to appreciate it and enjoy it.
    Go for it girl!!

  3. Hey Elena

    This is amazing. I saw this link on facebook and decided to check it out. I’m so proud of you and your exciting experiences and goals.


  4. Ele baby this is an unreal site, I am so impressed!!

    I often creep you without you knowing, because i love you so much and want to keep up with your constantly changing world. Thanks for giving me such an entertaining means of doing so.
    There is no doubt in my mind that one day you WILL be a renown travel writer with several charity organization under your belt. I am really excited that i’ve been lucky enough to witness the beginning of this lifelong journey, and I hope to be apart of some of your world-wide adventures in the future.

    Infinite x’s and o’s
    Your bestie,

  5. Elena –you are truly a beautiful person on the inside and out. I know you will follow your dreams :) Can’t wait for our trip to India… have such an amazing time traveling around the world with semester at sea… I will be a frequent reader of your inspiring blogs. I send you heaps of love from the mid-west of America

  6. HEY ELLLE!!!!!!! wow i didnt know you had such a good looking blog site, looks like you have been very busy and doing pretty good. misss u! hows the new year treating u ? Hit me up sometime, we can talk again. Hope ur doing fine.

    i like ur site :P

  7. Elena! You inspire me:) I just read through most of your blog and i am truly inspired! This is an amazing experience! You are going to do amazing things in life and go so far! Have an amazing semester at sea travelling to so many beautiful destinations! Truly amazing:)

    cori jackson

  8. Hey bbabbbbeeeeeeeee :) your blogg is unreal ! and your writting is beautiful just like you . You inspire me ..actually :)

  9. elena!!
    i love your blog.. i’m always checking for updates. i’m also super jealous that you got to go on this trip! i hope it has been fantastic.. sure sounds like it!
    you are truly an inspiration :)

  10. Hey you!
    your blog is good…Now I know what you were doing all those times in global studies haha. But you said you have never been to Africa or India I believe that is not true since I was there with you… cant wait for India see you soon. Call me when you get a chance.

  11. Hi Elena,
    Awesome bio and blog! I am reaklly impressed by your openness to travel, learn, and embrace new cultures. Having lived in a few diifferent continents myself, I know how richer I am by the experience.

    Wish you the very best with your travel adventures, and look forward to reading about them.


  12. Elena,
    I just wanted you to know your blog and website get noticed. I am a 53 year old lover of travel (along with my husband) from Georgia (USA). We are headed to SE Asia and China so your website came up on a search about China. I am re-evaluating my bucket list and counting countries now! I would just add falling madly, deeply in love (the permanent kind) to your bucket list! To travel with the love of your life makes it even better.

    Happy Travels,

    • Thank you so much Tamara! You will have an amazing time in China and SE Asia! They are truly magical places and your comment made my whole day!

      Have a safe trip and don’t be afraid to explore a little more!

  13. Hello Elena!

    Your blog is fabulous! Your SAS list of Dos and Don’t was just posted on the SAS Spring 2012 facebook page and I have spent the last two hours reading all your wonderful posts! Needless to say I am going to SAS in January! It’s been over four years that I’ve been waiting to go on this and I cannot believe it’s actually happening! I love how much you have travelled in your life! How do you find the funds and the programs for this? I would love to talk more with you about Semester at Sea before I leave!

  14. I’ve been on this site for sometime, these people really know what their talking about when it comes to travelling abroad. Some are very young and inexperienced like you, but most of them could help you plan your next trip. Your on your way to becoming a professional traveler, but as you get older you’ll begin to understand all that this encompasses.

    • Thank you so much for the website… however, I do not plan on becoming a professional traveler… It is a hobby that does consume my life :) However, I would not consider myself inexperienced.

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