Moving to Cambodia

CambodiaI leave in 16 days. More precisely I leave in two weeks and two days. I am nowhere near ready.

I look at my future and I get scared. While there is finally some purpose to my existence, I know it is just another stepping stone. Everyone around me is getting engaged; married or having children and I still feel like a child chasing my dreams. Maybe I am one of those few people who is chasing after a career instead of a family.

What my career is, I still am not sure.

One thing I do know is I am a law school graduate starting her first job in the legal field under the supervision of the United Nations. What I do know, is the only reason I went to law school, is so that I could work for the United Nations.

Maybe dreams do come true.

So I have 16 days before I find myself on a plane again for the 31st time this year and possibly the last one of 2015.

Stay tuned xx

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