Weekend Market (Saturday and Sunday only) : 73 North Road, BN1 1YD, Brighton


Literally a ‘hole in the wall’, Diplock’s Market has had many faces over the years and is sometimes referred to as “Brighton’s Baazar”.

My roommate and I on our walk home from Brighton’s Veg Fest 2015 today took a slightly different route home, and walked past this little nook. I had been inside before, but today it seemed different. It was more full of life, full of knick-knacks and the produce looked fresher.

Once upon a time Diplock’s Market used to be an old barrow yard in the 1950’s where you could hire a barrow by the hour or by the day. It had a market as well, where at the end of every business day, what ever produce was not sold was littered on the streets of Brighton for who ever wanted to collect it. Since August 2010 it is now a weekend farmers market and vintage market.

A trip to Brighton wouldn’t be complete without a quick walk through this creative hub, and little piece of Brighton, that makes you feel like you are in Brighton. There are threats to tear it down, so it won’t be around for long… but the locals believe it still has a few more years of true Brighton spirit left..

IMG_1148 IMG_1146IMG_1147IMG_1150IMG_1146


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