Travelling to Tenerife Tomorrow

It was 11:30 PM on a cold night in December when my roommate came home. I was headed off to Brussels the next morning to start my winter holidays and wouldn’t be back for almost a month. She sat on my bed, and as we talked about our emotional roller coaster of the last week of term in Law school before the winter break, I said “Pick somewhere and if it’s under 100 pounds let’s go. Your choice”.

Her Birthday would be the week after I got back in January, and conveniently we had a week of classes. So why not have a birthday trip?

We found ourselves on Skyscanner searching “London Gatwick” to “Everywhere”. Options included Amsterdam, Madrid, Brussels and the list went on.. until we saw Tenerife. We both stopped. Roundtrip to Tenerife for 70 pounds?

Then we looked at hostels… thank god for the “Off Season” because we scored a sweet deal for 10 pound a night, bringing our total trip to 100 pounds. Perfectly in my price range.

Now, the day before the trip, I find myself in a huge struggle to pack. I am the worst at this, and true proof that no matter how much you practice something, you never quite learn it.

Talk soon from the Canary Islands!

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