… actually, it’s less than a week! It is in six marvelous days. I, my friend, am beginning to feel the pressure of the trip and the lack of planning and organizing I have done for it. The thing with travel, is that it will always remain a part of me, and most of me, and more than half of me wants to be able to wing it. This is what I foolishly told my travel partner and my self. “We are going to be fine” and “We will just figure it out when we get there” have been the guiding forces that have over shadowed our planning… and now that I look at it… I am beginning to have minor heart palpitations. The truth is, its two young girls backpacking around third world countries, essentially thinking we are ‘all that’ because we have done this before. We havn’t exactly done this before…

Let me introduce you to my travel partner: You have all met here before here on our last backpacking adventure, Christine Novak. Having traveled to over ten countries together we have a good understanding of each others travel patterns and habits.  To top it off, I started my travel career with her by my side from the get-go. Starting on a trip in Prague, Czech Republic, we have traveled to Miami several times, England, Amsterdam,  Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Malaysia and our most recent trip to Nicaragua over New Years Eve.  Christine Novak is an avid photographer, and creative genius. Her brain is constantly dancing with beauty, and she sees things in a unique way that allow you to open your eyes to the beauty as well.  She is my best friend, and travel guru.

You can follow her more closely on her blog Secretly Falling. Twitter account: @createscandal and instagram: @christinenvk


This is the rough itinerary. Very rough. Flying from our native hometown or Toronto, Canada we are taking the 36 hour journey across the pacific  ocean to land in Bangkok. (This is the cheapest point to fly in and out of South East Asia, at least for us it was). We are going to travel up to the North of Vietnam and visit Hanoi, Sapa and Halong Bay. Taking night busses down the coast of Vietnam, we plan on stopping in Nha Trang, Hoi An and Hue with a final destination of Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC)/ Saigon.

We plan on taking the bus to the border of Cambodia, and spending a few days in Phnom Penh learning about the tragic genocide of 1975-1980 where a quarter of the citizens of Cambodia ruthlessly perished. After a heavy few days, we are going to make our way down to the islands of Cambodia and do a little island hopping. We will also celebrate our birthdays here! (Both Christine and I have our birthdays a day apart, and a shocking eight hours apart).

Followed by island life, we will make our way to Singapore for a few nights to see the rumored ‘cleanest city’ in the world. I have a feeling we wont last long in our flip flops and flowey beach clothes. Itching at city life, we will head off to Manilla in the Philippines where we will make our way through the thousands of islands that make up the nation.  Sadly, at this point I feel as if we won’t be ready to go home yet, but our flight is booked for a return flight and we will make the sad and long journey home.

Stay tuned for posts on packing coming up! Also, don’t forget to follow me on twitter: @weredidshegonow and instagram: @kiwisrus

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