It may or may not be common knowledge that there is a ‘BIG MOVE’ in my future… an indefinite change in the routine nature of my life… however, if you know me… you will know that I have an SUV purely for the purpose of packing up my life and resettling somewhere new. In the last five years I have had 4 different changes of address, one being on a ship, 13 different roommates and have packed up and unpacked over 15 separate times. So perhaps, the routine nature of my life is a continuous arrangement of moves. However, the BIG MOVE is switching continents.. and staying in one place for a lengthy amount of time. Essentially, what classifies it as a BIG MOVE is the fact that I will have to purchase a whole new set of appliances appropriate for the outlets. This, my friends, is commitment.

ImageOn the train, going no where fast…

The BIG MOVE is a later engagement… before it I have a few more pressing plans and endeavors, however, the BIG MOVE is on my mind today because of my recent trip last week to visit my new home. It isn’t hard to guess where I will be moving, but what I think is most important about it, is that I will be moving there for school. Yes, ladies and gentlemen… I am continuing my education. Frankly, the world is much to large and exciting for me to head straight to a full time job commitment, so continuing my education in a hub of the world that easily is connected to a variety of other countries will allow my explorations not to falter, but hopefully to increase. It isn’t hard to guess where I am moving; but for a sense of mystery, I won’t mention it just yet… even though, if you are a steady follower… you will already know.

For today though, I will curl up on my bed on this rainy afternoon and continue researching my upcoming backpacking trip… 11 days and counting. No where near ready… stay posted!

ImageCan you guess where I will be moving based on this photo?

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