Did I mention I am already in Africa? Yeah… only three planes, thirty hour voyage time, and six hour time difference… I made it. Sitting in a tiny nook in the wall, I am paying one American dollar for 60 minutes of internet. I couldn’t be happier to be here.

Contrary to my experience in Taiwan, which I have yet to tell you about. I feel like I am finally home. Travel for me is tiny lodges that cost 22 dollars a night, with no bathroom, and a light fixture that barley radiates any light. Travel is being immersed into a tiny village where there is only dry jungle for miles and miles around you. Yes, I am in Victoria Falls… but trust me when I tell you, there is nothing here but the waterfalls, a tiny street that constitutes the town, and an array of adventure activities including the falls… You can ride a helicopter for better views (which I did), of white water raft between the gorges, bungee jump off a bridge right on the border line of Zimbabwe and Zambia, or go on game drives throughout the jungle searching for wildlife. So far, I’ve only seen two monkeys, a few baboons, and a warthog. No elephants, even though I know they are around, and no hippos, even though I missed it be a few minutes.

I’m on an overland tour with Dragoman Adventures… my mom and I are the only canadians in a midst of Brits and Australians… there is one American, but she was too busy bungee jumping before I could properly meet her. It’s been a while since i’ve written a post from overseas… and there is no promise that these will be regular posts. The only thing that is for sure, is the fact that I am in Africa and I finally feel at home.

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