ELEVEN DAYS… holy moses. In 11 days my summer adventures begin… and I HAVE SO MUCH I NEED TO DO BEFORE THAT! I need to get my back pack fixed… does any one know where I can do that? Do a little last minute shopping for medicine thats expired, carabiners I have lost, locks that no longer have keys. Its rough.

But in 11 days I will be in sunny Miami.. soaking up the sun for a few brief days at an incredible flight deal that no one could say no to. Miami for me has become another home… a place to forget things for next time, a sanctuary of warmth when hot teas does not suffice in the winter time. It’s nice to be headed back there in a few days.. well eleven days..

What worries me… is that when I come back,  have less than 24 hours to re pack for Taiwan, go to an airport to meet the leading professor for the first time, get on a 20 hour flight, and head to a country where they use whitening moisturizer for beauty whereas I am showing up with a new tan from Miami. Kill me now.

Well this is just an update… Keep your eyes peeled for crazy posts from Miami, freaking out over Taiwan, and packing last minute for Africa… which by the way… you still don’t know what countries I’m headed to.

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