In the midst of all my planning for Africa.. my one big trip this year… another opportunity came across my desk. It was an all expense paid trip to Taiwan for a week to learn about their economic and developmental progress. Thinking nothing of it, I applied. Talking to my mother and boyfriend about it, their answers were: “Just apply, why not?” or “When else will you ever go to Taiwan”. That’s the truth… Taiwan was never, and still really is not on a major hit list of mine. I don’t know anyone who has ever been there, I have never heard any body rave about the sites, or the people… but now, I have to admit, I am proud to be one of the first to start a rave about Taiwan.

Needless to say… I was selected by the Taiwan government to be a delegate from my University. I am one of four who was selected. If this isn’t an honour on it’s own, then I am not sure what is. When applying I never really thought I stood a chance… I didn’t re-read my personal statement on the application a thousand times, as I did for Semester at Sea or other opportunities. ( I mean, I did read it a few times… but never made any huge adjustments). When the email came yesterday explaining that I was accepted… I fell of my chair. I Re-read the email, and when it registered that I was accepted… I started to scream. I was so ex-tactic, I felt like I won a contest. I ran around my room, up and down the stairs, and couldn’t wait to tell someone.

Do you believe that dreams can come true? It hadn’t dawned on me that they do until this morning. I was told this morning that I was giggling in my sleep last night. I would take that as a sign of happy I am… ( the funny part is that I remember dreaming about killer bears… so I am not too sure). But for once in my life, every thing seems to be falling exactly where it should. I moved back home, which I have to admit, I was terrified, but being home and away from my old apartment, I am able to breath again. The problems that consumed me and my roommates, don’t exist anymore, I don’t need to talk about them all the time, I can sleep through the night, I wake up with fresh air that has not been intoxicated by smoke. My grades are coming in perfectly… I got an A- in the hardest class I have ever taken in my entire life, and the rest of my grades fall in that range too! I am only surrounded by the people who love me and I love as well. My brother gave me a wonderful part-time job to fill the void of being home, and to save up for further excursions. On top of it all… I was selected for this amazing opportunity to Taiwan, where I conveniently know the other 3 delegates who were selected.

I have to sit back and believe that dreams do come true. When the world feels like it may be falling down on my, I have to remember that it is just making space with a little spring cleaning for an amazing adventure ahead of me.

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