The suspense…

I told someone the other day where I was headed, and she laughed and asked me why I needed to go for so long. A woman next to her chimed in the conversation and asked what countries I was going go. The first woman bluntly said… “What do you mean what countries? She’s going to Africa.”

This is where I realized that my lovely unexplored continent of Africa, really is misunderstood as a solitary country. A continent of 47 countries, all of them going completely unnoticed. So that’s where I’m headed. Africa.

Where in Africa is a whole other story.

So this is Africa. A country I have only briefly visited while on Semester at Sea. I have been the soils of South Africa, Ghana, and a lovely island Mauritius which for argument’s sake… I count a part of Africa. Either way… with those 2 and half countries out of 47 I am seriously behind. Political turmoil, corruption and recent war fare have the continent in a scramble making many countries inaccessible. However there is still a large chunk that can be explored and I intend to get started.


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