The time has come!! Where Did She Go Now is completely back up and running again. I am so sorry to have put it on hold for a while, but to be honest, I have been extremely busy with finals and end of school blah. Not to mention, I have officially moved back home. I know, I know, I know… but on the upside, I’m saving 500 + on rent and food a month now. (All of which… will naturally be going towards my next adventure!)

Some of you already know…. but you only know by default because I have casually mentioned it to you. BUT to the rest of you… this is a complete secret!!! Some lovely followers might know I have been struggling with my plans for a while flopping back and forth between South America and Africa or flopping between organized tour or solo trip. It was a battle.



… I can give you some hint’s though! It’s going to be an adventure…

  • Waterfalls, over land trucks and camping are all involved.
  • I will see both the Northern and the Southern hemisphere.
  • Temperatures will vary from very hot to mild and cold.
  • I can scuba dive, hike, and visit natural agriculture.
  • I will not see a human made world wonder, but will see a natural world wonder.

Any guesses yet? Let me know below…

Until next time.

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