It’s the third week of school, and stress has already broken into my apartment, found my room, picked the lock and snuggled in bed with me. So before stress starts having meals with me, and over shadowing me on a regular basis, I felt I should update the world on what is going on in my mind.

First, I would like to point out that I feel like a prisoner. My travel some mind won’t stop planning, rearranging, organizing long-term adventures in my head. With one more year of university a head of me, I can’t help but start planning another around the world Post-Graduation trip for next January. So instead of reading about Foucault, which I have a forty minute presentation due Monday, I am researching solo travel, how to get in and out of Burma, and if I can be physically fit enough to trek to Everest base camp (apparently it’s not that hard… just two weeks, and I am also unfit). The only silver lining to the last point is that yours truly has decided to get a gym membership.

Yes, you can pause on that fact, but I am longer dreaming about hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Pichu, but actually trying to be physically fit enough that the dream can happen. To add to this, I found an amazing tour deal through Peru- two for the price of one! I don’t know how else you could wrong.

So yes… I am an almost university graduate who is juggling a mind full of adventures, how I am going to fit in my LSAT Preparation and write the test this summer, combined with scheduling of classes, moving in and out of my lease to find a sublet for fall term, what Law schools and/or masters program interest me and lastly, this amazing, once in a lifetime- or second for me, opportunity to travel around the world again next January.

Of course I have to find a way to fit in a full time job somewhere in midst of that in order to be able to actually afford my post-graduation trip.

On a side note: 64 days until Ultra Music Festival- the next official trip on the list :)

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