It was a normal Monday, I woke up groggy and lazy. I had no thought of travel on the mind, nor no intention to even think about. I rolled over and grabbed my IPad to mess around a little bit before actually starting my day. There it was… perfectly planted. A YouTube video of Ultra Music Festival.

My friends were all going and have been raving about it for months, but I never had any interest to go. Until now. So there I am, and there was the video in front of me. I don’t know what I was thinking when I pressed play, I think I was just curious, or wanted to be supportive of my boyfriend. What ever my reason was, those 54 seconds blew my mind.

Within an hour I bought my ticket to the festival and booked my flight to Miami. Within two hours I had my best friend, Christine Novak, psyched for the idea and she bought her ticket too. Within five hours my other best friend, Briana Maguire, could not contain her excitement and bought her ticket as well. It went viral. It was the most impulsive trip ever purchased, I don’t even remember thinking throughout the process about what I was doing.

By the next morning all the tickets for Ultra Music Festival were sold out. The Indonesia crew is reunited, and heading to Miami in march.

Stay posted..

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