I spent my Christmas holiday in Italy with my family as per annual tradition. Both my extended and immediate family live in Italy with the exception of a few who live right here in Toronto. My mother and I make the trip every year to celebrate Christmas with family, and this year decided to take a vacation within a holiday. We hopped on a four hour train ride to the magical city of Venice.

The last time I planted both my feet in Venice I was 12 years old, and the time before that I must have been three or four. Within my limited in comparison, yet, vast travel experience for a 12 year old, Venice captured my heart. It became my favorite city and only until a few weeks ago was I able to revisit my love and see first-hand if Venice really did capture my heart.

As for Italian cities and states, Venice is number one. Yes many other are beautiful such as Rome or the Amalfi Coast, but there is no other city like Venice. A city on water with a history rich of royalty, empires, exploration and of course the famous Casanova. In regards to the whole world: Venice has been slotted down a few cities, but still briskly in the top ten.

This is my photo gallery of Venice:

And last but not least, and for some reason my favorite…

2 responses to “PHOTO GALLERY: VENICE

  1. These are great! I’m really into the second, second to last, and the last ones. You really caught that kid’s amazement and/or just caught him off guard.

  2. Couldn’t agree with you more!!!
    Venice is indeed one of my favorite cities in the world!!
    I’m glad we experience it together and fall in love with it all over again!!

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