While I sit here in the Miami apartment sipping green tea and finally have internet, I decided to give my readers a quick hello. It is currently 9 am and in forty minutes my boyfriend will be landing at MIA airport. After a 20 hour journey from my Grandmothers house in Santhia, Italy (which if any of you have even heard of the place, is this tiny, itty bitty town an hour outside of Milan) I have finally arrived in Miami.

I began my journey back yesterday at 1 AM Eastern Time, driving one hour to the airport, two hour check in and security, 1 hour flight to Zurich from Milan, 2 hour lay over, 11 hour flight from Zurich to Miami where I sat beside a woman with shaky hands, and four bottles of wine in her, 1 hour U.S. border customs where the customs officer proceeded to give me his business card so I could call him, followed by baggage claim, and then another hour shuttle to rental car station, where a quick smile got me a few hundred dollars of a Mustang Convertible, all underage fees waived and employee discount because the chubby man behind the counter said I have a great smile, and then a quirky drive to the apartment where I could not figure out how to roll up the windows, or turn on the head lights. Overall, the car is beautiful… pictures will be posted. Once I arrived inside the apartment, luggages and all, it was 9 pm. So yes, 21 hours.

Needless to say, I was overly exhausted, hungry and in desperate need of a shower. How I managed to get the Mustang so effortlessly while my hair was greasy, and my eyes were tearing from exhaustion is beyond me, but I guess young chubby men are into that? (He was a nice guy).


One response to “MIAMI FOR NEW YEARS

  1. I like that view.. I miss it.. I wanna go tooo. 21hours EH! good for you crazy girl. HAVE A GREAT NEW YEARS in MIAMI….

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