It occurred to me that I am always talking about the future, working on my bucket list, dreaming about thing’s I still have to do, constantly worried about time. Yet, I never stop and talk about the thing’s I have done… So in opposition to my bucket list, I want to make a list of all the thing’s I have done. No particular order, just as they come to mind…

  1. I have worked at a TV station
  2. I have fallen in love
  3. I can do the splits
  4. I hiked the Great Wall of China
  5. I even slept on the Great Wall of China
  6. I have sky dived… not once, but three times
  7. I have been to Fiji
  8. I am a licensed Advanced Scuba Diver
  9. I met Craig Kielburger (he mailed me a signed copy of his book as a thank you)
  10. I saw a lunar eclipse
  11. I visited the Taj Mahal… twice
  12. I’ve been on an African Safari
  13. I have ridden elephants in India, Thailand and Cambodia
  14. I swam in the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, Indian Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, Java Sea, Andaman Sea and so many others…
  15. I sailed around the world on a boat
  16. I have been to the southern hemisphere
  17. I have touched the inside of a kangaroos pouch
  18. I have scuba dived on the Great Barrier Reef
  19. I have also scuba dived in India, Indonesia and Thailand
  20. I got a bamboo tattoo
  21. I celebrated the World Cup in a winning city- (Semi-Finals, Amsterdam 2010)
  22. I know a Princess
  23. I know a Guru
  24. Both have stayed at my house…
  25. I have stayed up all night dancing… sober… with no music (SAS 2010)
  26. I have stayed up all night at a rave… Full Moon Party 2011
  27. I got a job through word of mouth
  28. I fractured both my knees
  29. I spent a whole week in Brazil, with no shoes, and only one outfit (Bathing Suit and a cover up)
  30. I almost slept in a park cuddling my luggage because my friend thought Hostel’s were scary. We were homeless.
  31. I slept on a beach… in the sand.
  32. I spent my birthday in Australia, Fiji, London and Thailand… as well as Italy and the Bahamas
  33. I hiked Grouse Grind in Vancouver
  34. I threw a fiftieth birthday party
  35. I have been to Mauritius… do you even know where that is?
  36. I have a Ghanaian tribe name… Xola.
  37. I painted a mural at a school in Guatemala
  38. I spent the night in a Buddhist monastery
  39. I shared a beer with a Monk… he offered
  40. I have backpacked Japan
  41. I slept at the airport in Hong Kong… uncomfortable
  42. I have put a boa constrictor around my neck
  43. I drank moonshine made of snakes, one of scorpions and another of fruit :)
  44. I went to 6 proms
  45. I also went on a Pub Crawl with Dead Mau5
  46. I read the Catcher in the Rye three times… I still don’t get it
  47. I was invited to have dinner at some one’s home in India. We sat on the floor.
  48. I had dinner during a sand storm (we kept our plates under our shirts)
  49. I slept outside, under the stars, in the Indian Himalayas
  50. Been to Pearl Harbour in Hawaii and Hiroshima in Japan within two weeks of each other (reminiscing WW2)

I can’t think of anything else right now… but that’s still a pretty sweet list! I will continue to update it as thought’s come to me.

5 responses to “WHAT HAVE I DONE?

  1. Ok, now I am depressed, because my list is not as cool:))LOL
    When did you swim in the Baltic Sea???
    Never new that:)))
    Love you and Miss you

  2. Love your post! So true – we are always thinking about what to do next, whether chores, travel or fun! Hope you don’t mind, but I may do a similar post in the near future! We are lucky to be able to do so much, dream of doing so much more and the ability to share!
    BTW – very cool to have slept in a Buddhist Monestary and know a princess! Very cool.

  3. So glad you posted this!!! Now you can NEVER tell me again that you haven’t done anything – because I have collateral : P
    Also, I’m so glad I met you and can’t wait to see where you go and what you do in life…because I know I’ll be right there with you!!!
    Love <3

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