Christmas is right around the corner!! I just realized it’s the last week of school… and conveniently we still have not had snow. If you never believed in Global Warming? Now is the time to start. I also realized I am leaving in 18 day’s to go to Italy. That does not leave enough time for Christmas shopping, exams, or room to breath. Either way… I compiled a little list of my own… just a crazy, over the top wish list. A few necessities, essentials, but mostly just fun thing’s.

1) IPAD 2

Yep, I have given in. This summer when I was backpacking through Asia, I was super envious of anyone who was smart enough to bring one of these. They are super light weight, carry movies, connect to wifi and have a web cam for skyping. To be honest, I do not really know how I was traveling without it.

2) CHI Straightener

It’s been six long wonderful years with my CHI, but I think he is reaching his end… the light flickers, and the heat won’t stay on anymore. My poor CHI’s day’s are numbered. So as a necessity, I think I am going to need a new one soon… throwing it on the list.

3) A Roots Watch

My old watch was good to me… lasted three years, with no complaints. I never took it off, and took good care, but after 20 different countries, the poor watch was done. I have been watch less for a few weeks now, and I am liking this one! The dual time zones and alarm clocks are a requirement. I miss my watch, so I think this one will be a perfect replacement.

4) Lonely Planet: Europe of a Shoe String

Yep, I need to plan another trip… It’s looking like Europe. Maybe yes, maybe no… but I would like to know more.

5) Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS2

Here it is… my baby. I had this camera up until last week when some little girl decided to steal it from me. Long story, and I am still heartbroken. It was the best camera I have ever had, durable, waterproof and amazing pictures. I lost a lot of good photos with it when it got stolen, some I’ll never be able to replace, but hopefully I can make new ones with this baby. It was wonderful.

6) Red Nail Polish

For the holidays, I was looking for a deep red nail polish. The one in the picture is a little too cherry, I was looking for a rouge. But it would be nice.

7) Make-Up Brush Set from Sephora

This is just an example, but any brush set would be wonderful. My brushes are old, and their hairs keep fraying off. It’s time for a new make up kit… and this one looks perfect.

8) Leggings from Aritzia

Yep, leggings from Aritzia. Mine have all frayed and ripped at the seams, need two new pairs to get me through the year. They have become a wardrobe necessity.

9) Black Blazer

Also in need of a Long Black blazer with cuffed sleeves (Long really is the key point… something goes right down to my butt). This particular one is from Aritzia as well, but a much cheaper one would be nice… just a little Christmas wish.

10) Book: Citizens of Nowhere by Debi Goodwin

Speaks for itself. Just interested in learning more about refugees and the trials they go through. This book is particularly focused on refugees on Canadian Campuses which is great for my work through WUSC.

11) Wallet

So I am loving this wallet. It’s from Roxy, and the direct link to the page where you can buy this is here. I think it’s the cutest thing. (Disclaimer: any wallet will do, I don’t have one). The last few week’s have been hard on me since I keep loosing my credit card’s and cash, so a wallet would be handy. The next one is also cute :)


From: WhereDidSheGoNow

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