So enough about me… my life may be a whirlwind of fire and ice right now, but my dear and close friend Alexa Jordens from the lovely province of Alberta has decided to take off on the second biggest adventure of her life. Yes, well the first being of course spending two lovely months in South East Asia with Christine and I. We actually met her over there in Bangkok, and after traveling together for 40 days with Free and Easy, we went our separate ways and met up again in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

Can you tell who the Tall Friendly Giant is?

This is her story:

Shes tall, she’s friendly and she has a story to tell. The 5 foot 10ner-ish… has decided to pack up her life again and head over to Korea, to teach English for 1 year. Yep, she’s doing it, and I want all of you to follow her crazy adventures, as the excitement fills her blog, followed by devastation and confusion as to why she decided to do it, to the most rewarding experience of her life.

She arrived in Korea yesterday, so this Friendly Giant has many stories to keep you updated with! So check out her blog here: Tall Tales from the Friendly Giant

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