Well, this is the truth. I thought I had an extremely concrete plan about what I was going to do next summer. Reality is that I keep changing my mind. I have to admit, I am a bit of a scatter brain… a HUGE scatter brain. I am constantly getting super excited about something, telling everyone about it and then changing my mind. So now what?

I just came back from the International Forum, which was absolutely amazing. Check back for an amazing post on the most amazing weekend, but the conference stirred something inside of me. A new passion. All of a sudden travel is not the answer, and the side of me that want’s to save the world has taken over in full gear. For any of you who are new to my blog… I either talk about travel, or about saving the world. Now nothing seems satisfying enough besides learning about something that means something. Does that even make sense?

All of my classes have a sudden focus on refugees and that really is the encompassing umbrella of this semester. Through my work with WUSC, my classes on refugee migrations and my personal interactions with refugees, I find myself wanting to learn as much as possible.

So what do I do next summer? Keep traveling or stay grounded for a while.  The reality is that for the past three years I have visited over 20 countries, traveled on more than 100 flights, and used boats as main transportation for most of my travels. So why not stay grounded for a little while and explore an alternative reality?

What do you think? Keep traveling or stay grounded for a while?


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