I wonder who actually reads my blog. I wonder if I have committed followers or just random stumbles. If you do read my blog, start commenting, become interactive begin a dialogue. If you do not read my blog, well maybe it’s a good time to subscribe and start!


So be nice to a stranger, hold open the door, hold the elevator, donate change, buy someone a meal, fall in love, write thank you notes, call some one who you haven’t talked to in a while, make someone tea, say thank you, say hello, invite someone to lunch to get to know them better, give a hug, offer a shoulder, listen, move out of the way, do not swear, do not get upset, let someone go in front of you in line, smile.

One response to “I WONDER…

  1. Every day should be random acts of kindness day! When I can, I hold the door for the next person. Takes no time out of my day and I know how much I appreciate it when someone does the same for me (especially when my hands are over full!!!! Thanks to the random lady yesterday who held the door as I carried the coffee run in to the building!!! One girls can only carry so much (6 coffees, bag of milk, cream and sugar + 1 purse!!!) and get the door!

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