I know this may not mean much to you, but I have had this watch for years… it was the watch I bought before my first big trip. It’s nothing special, just a simple watch from Roots, but it did a lot for me. The watch had some cool features, like the date and dual time zone. I always knew what time it was at home and what time it was where ever I was. This may not mean much, but my watch was my key to home… it kept me grounded in the reality that life was still going on back home, that time did not pause while I was traveling. It was this watch that made sure I didn’t forget to call my family at mid night on their birthdays… and not mid night my time, but their time. It always told me what day it was when I was on Semester at Sea… I kept switching days and time zones that my watch was my alarm clock and my key to existence.

I have had my watch for 4 years… and I guess it was never meant to last much longer, but now that the strap broke in half, I feel lost with out it. I have it in my pocket, but it’s not the same. I look down at my wrist, and it’s not there… it feels wierd, I feel lost.

Who would have thought a simple watch would have changed my reality, I desperately find myself needing a new one, but I don’t think I could buy a new one without acknowledging this old one. There are travelers who never have a watch, individuals who let themselves get lost within time and space, and then there is me… who uses my watch as a foothold into a reality, as a door stopper keeping the wedge open between my traveling self and the life waiting for me back home. I miss my watch…

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