I have a lot of people asking me these days about getting a summer credit abroad, taking the class room into the world, studying Art History at the Colosseum in Rome, Fieldwork on Peace and Conflict in Rwanda, Spanish courses while salsa dancing in Ecuador or the Global Environment while planting trees in Australia. If any of this appeals to you then keep reading, and maybe embark on one of the greatest learning adventures of your life. School can be as much fun as sipping a Turkish Coffee in Istanbul while learning cultural practices in person, all you have to do is write a paper at the end about your experiences.

So here is what I know if you want to earn to University credit next summer somewhere other than your home campus: (Keep in mind- I enjoy unconventional travel! )

1) Queens Blyth World Wide Study Abroad Program:

Queens University and Blyth Education have combined forces to create summer courses available for University Credit. Locations include France, Italy, Spain, Costa Rica, Australia and Greece, programs range from the Arts, to Social Sciences and Languages. The programs bring students into the heart of the programs they are studying, and allow students to experience their learning first hand. The Blyth program proves successful for high school Alumni of the program who have all attested to it’s success and over all impact on their life. The program has a healthy balance between school and tourism allowing students to gain the most of their experience and the most for their money.

2) SIT Study Abroad: A Program of World Learning

This program really excites me. SIT offers a variety of courses dealing with our Global world and issues of Social Justice, Environmental Crisis, Social movements and Social Change. SIT takes you into the root of the problems, dealing with course work along side the field. Many classes are interactive sessions with local Non-Governmental Organizations in the field you are studying. SIT is amazing for undergraduates who are studying Political Science, Environmental Studies, International Relations and Global Studies. This also could appeal to many other students with an interest in Media and Communication Studies. This programs are held all across the world in every continent with various pre-requisites. The web-site is easy to navigate so start researching!

The Program not only offers Summer Courses, but also Semester long courses if you were interested in Studying Abroad in a non-traditional way.

3) Semester at Sea

For the unconventional traveler searching for the most unique experience, why not spend your summer on a Global Ship sailing from one port to another learning about the various cultures through your specific field of study. Courses range for every major to attract all students from all areas of study to have a truly Global Community. Semester at Sea offers a short 3 week Maymester voyage where students can gain one University Credit, there is also a Two month voyage where students can offer upwards of four course credits, and for those craving a truly unique experience, there is an around the world voyage lasting a full semester.

SO if you are ready to take your education to the next level and stand out from all the rest in your Graduating Class, why not try a unique experience to earn credit abroad with these respected world programs. If you have any questions, write in the comment box and leave an e-mail address :)

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