I am going to have to go ahead and say OBSESSION. Last year at this time I had already settled on a destination for my summer plans, had my travel companion and a geographical area in mind. This year I decided to take it a little slower, explore other options and see what opportunities arose… NOW I am so in over my head that I want to do everything! I already mapped out my Solo Trip… well the basic idea of it, but I think I might have to warp that idea a little bit as Latin America might not even fit in my plans at all. Ay Caramba.

So what am I looking at? Trips that look good on a resume. Grad School applications are coming up, and any travel that shows leadership skills on paper is what I need. (Don’t get me wrong, backpacking alone is a true test of leadership and a million other skills, but I can’t exactly write down ‘travel fanatic’ on my resume without sounding like every other person who has been on an all-inclusive vacation). I need to separate myself from the crowd, learn from my experiences, trust in fate and hope for everything to work out.


I could volunteer… again. How many volunteer trips can I go on before my resume is full of them? I could be a tour guide. This is an extremely appealing option! NGO’s like Free the Children, and Me to We really pick potential candidates if they have facilitated trips abroad. Other organizations favor work experience abroad, so tour leading sounds epic. Or I could get an internship in my field? I have looked at a bunch of Human Rights internships, and South Africa seems to be the winner in that department.


A three week trip through Spain, Portugal and Morocco. Which many more details will follow.


I have no money. This past summer with the Next Big Trip really cleaned out my bank account, and I am not making nearly enough money to afford another adventure. Yet, The Canada-Mexico exchange is still up in the air… so I need to start some kind of fundraiser… or start selling homemade jewelery? Hopefully Christmas is monetarily generous.

SO… YOU MIGHT AS WELL SUBSCRIBE AND STAY UPDATED: Because there is a lot of talk about what totally and extremely awesome direction I will go in. The plan right now is to apply to everything, and pray I get an amazing travel opportunity!

P.S. I am going to Miami on Thursday! Mini Adventure coming up!

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