Renison University College- International Learning Course: Mexico and Canada

So what is going on with WhereDidSheGoNow? Besides the boring fact that I am back in one city for the next few months trying to finish up my degree, I have decided to use my education and really abuse it for everything it’s worth. Yes, I am a bit of keener. I enjoy school.

What I really mean is, I spend my time actually Googling extra stuff on my program because I love it so much. Human Rights Blogs, Environmental Justice appeals, Internship opportunities… you name it related to my field, I have most definitely looked into!

When I say ‘abuse’, I mean take every my university offers and do it all. One of these opportunities is the Renison University College, International Learning Course between Mexico and Canada from the University of Waterloo. Long-ass title. What attracted me to this course, is not only the issues of Social Justice that will be tackled in the course, but that the class is not a weekly scheduled session through out the term. It starts this November, and for 2-4 Saturday’s throughout November and January I am expected to attended Seminars on the topic, write a few reflections, study for some quizzes and write a final essay.What’s the catch? 10 DAYS IN MEXICO in the field getting hand’s on experience with all of the social issues surrounding womens rights, street children, gay and lesbians etc…Essentially I’ll be winning with this course. It is not the heavy commitment of a weekly course as I am trying to commit to a reduced course load. Yes, January will be a crazy month, but if I am smart about it, I will get a really good start over Christmas break. I get to travel for education, which is really what I am all about.

Either way, the grueling long hours over weekends and reading week really does not compare to the invaluable experience and knowledge I will gain from this one of a kind experience. An experience which can get it’s own spot on my resume. Further, it will give me the opportunity to see Mexico behind the scenes, as a true traveler free from the all-inclusive paid vacations. That is not Mexico. This course if Mexico.

There is an information session on October 13, and if all proves well and worth while, AND if I can fund raise enough money to get myself well on my way for this course, I do not see any negatives but rather the perfect course for what I need right now.

If you are in the Kitchener/Waterloo area, a student and interested in this program, Click Here.

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