It would happen this way, I finally dedicate some effort and time into learning a new language: Spanish to be exact, and now my brain can’t stop thinking in French. I don’t even speak French and yet, ‘Come on sa va?‘ Seems to enter my mind more than, ‘Como estas?’

I find myself saying ‘oui‘ instead of ‘si’, and ‘merci’ instead of ‘Gracias‘. The last one there isn’t even similar, so where my mind thinks there is a comparison I am not too sure. There must be some wires mixed up. Come se dice? … my mind has gone, LOCO (Crazy). So here we are today, a week in, and I know how to say…

Hola, Como estas…..

My Ilamo, Elena // Soy Elena// Mi Nombre es Elena


Mucho Gusto

Igualmente/ Encantado

Sweet… now I can meet people, and once we have each others names… the conversation will take a quick right and go straight down hill. I gotta keep practicing… Por favore, como se dice… Aiutami?


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