My best friend, Christine Novak, thanked me today for introducing her to the world of travel. We have traveled every year for the past three years together starting with simple trips and moving our way. First it was a ten day trip to the Czech Republic, five days in Prague on our own, and another five days at her grand parents home where we both caught some tremendous flu and stayed in bed the whole time. Our second trip was a quick hop over to Miami to soak in the rays, this is when we decided we should celebrate our birthday’s abroad the following year. Our birthdays are one day apart, so we decided to get the British Fever and celebrated 10 day’s in London, England followed by four insane days in Amsterdam. This trip was one for the books, and made us confident as travel companions. It was time for the The Next Big Trip, and really, the first big trip for Christine. Three months in South East Asia.

The truth is, that maybe I was the one to ignite Christine’s spark for travel. A bug that consumes the self, and takes away any stable plan of staying in one spot. It tosses and turns the soul until a trip is in the making and the dates are set. Every aspect of ones life turns into a race to get the end line of boarding that plane.

But who introduced me to travel? Sure, my parents are travel finatics and it was only a matter of time before I went off on my own. Yet, they introduced me to five star hotels, and all-inclusive resorts. The one person who made me want to experience something different, who originally made me want to live out my four years at university as much as I could, was my other best friend Briana Maguire.

She did courses abroad in her High School years, an opportunity that my crummy public high school did not offer. She spent two summers away in Greece and Italy, and one in Costa Rica taking upper year classes. When I arrived in the Hall ways of my university I couldn’t resist the temptation to travel, to get out there, to be as adventurous! So I booked my very first solo trip… 5 weeks in Australia and Fiji. It was group travel, which I am fond of, with the company International Student Volunteers.

So I am curious now, who introduced you to travel? And was it travel that kept your bond with this person closer as it did for me and my best friends? Let me know below!

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