With my recent reveal of future plans for my Solo Trip next summer, I thought I should start thinking more seriously about what I wanted to accomplish for this trip. The number one set criteria I have for the trip, was to be immersed in a Spanish culture and to learn the language.


This is day one of this adventure, as I, a fourth year student sit in SP 101 with a bunch of students fresh out of high school. I have to admit I have not sat in a lecture hall in almost 3 years as my older courses are in much smaller class room settings. How I am going to learn a language while being lectured at is beyond me. Either way, I have 8 months to accomplish this goal, and I am going to try and make every second count.

Let’s begin with the basics:
Hola- Hello
Como estas? – How are you?
Buenos – Good

… I have a long way to go.

The first word I learned in my Spanish class, was the word ‘Silencio’. It means silence. If you need enough discouragement in your first language class, this would be one of those moments. Of course in context it makes complete sense, she wanted us to shut up when the class got rowdy.  I always thought of the Spanish language to be a loud one anyway…


Honestly, who knows? But I think I have a plan. So here is the frame work to accomplish this goal.
1. Go to my introductory Spanish classes
Easy enough. The hard part is to pay attention after all of my other classes.
2. Read the text book daily and familiarize myself with the language
3. Listen/ watch Spanish podcasts, TV Shows, music and maybe even indulge in a little Rosetta Stone in the car
4. Flash Cards
 I will start with words, verbs and nouns and hopefully progress to sentences. The catch? I have to review them everyday… while walking home, walking to class, walking to a friends house.
5. Finally, start conversing with everyone and anything.
 The plan is to start thinking in Spanish. Have coffee dates with my Chilean     exchange students (I volunteer at the International office as a mentor for     incoming International students), and complete the goal: travel in a Spanish speaking country to really test myself.     


There are two things I have to do before the 8 months is over.
1.Write a blog post in Spanish (Which you can all critique)
2.Spend a full 24 hours speaking only spanish — No english.

Wish me luck! or… me desean suerte (I hope thats right!)

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