I have ridden elephants before, but never have I ever ridden an elephant like this.I had nothing to hold on to except the squeeze of my thighs on the elephants neck, and the protection of it’s ears from falling forwards. I sat right on his neck with nothing between my bare thighs and his prickly skin. For three hours we trekked through the jungle, in the middle of little rivers, up and down muddy hills. I couldn’t stop laughing, the fear of almost falling off kept my legs shaking and my tummy tight, but the extremity of the moment kept me smiling and giggling the whole time.

Every elephant ride has been different, but this proximity to the neck, right on it’s skin was an experience I will never forget, but would rather want to repeat over and over again. This photo was taken in the Jungles of Thailand, in Khao Sok.

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