I truly admire the backpackers who are able to update their blogs daily, or bi-weekly. They are the travelers that get me through my life back home, as I live vicariously through them and their stories.

Unfortunately, I have been unable to follow in their footsteps and am sorry to all followers or stumblers for my over due presence on this blog.

I am two months into my Next Big Trip, and have only tackled two countries, but have seen over twenty different cities. This years travel is different than any other I have done. Instead of speeding through a culture, I am taking my time and really understanding a country.

I have been in Thailand for over a month now, and before that I spent just under a month in Indonesia. The truth is, that in the midst of hostel hopping, long night trains, intense massage stories, and encounters with wildlife such as stepping on a snake just yesterday… My process and reflection time of a country has been different. I can’t reflect on my travels because I am still in them.

I am not sure if this makes any sense, but I do know that when I put my feet back on Canadian soil, I will have many stories to tell. As Amelia Earhart once said while circumnavigating the world by air, all the people shes met and all the different soils caked under her shoes have showed her something indescribable. This indescribable feeling, is what I am still trying to figure out.

All I know, is that when you start travelling, something takes over you and you can’t help but itch for more. Your brain is constantly spinning up new plans to new foreign locations, and life is surreal without having the passion of travel.

So thank you to everyone who still checks back to my blog, and I promise I have so many stories to tell you when I come back, that you wont know what to do with your self.

As they say in Thai: Khup Khun Kha… It means thank you.

But until then, don’t be afraid to book a flight somewhere! The world is waiting for you!


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