DESTINATION: Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia (Possibly Malaysia)

DURATION: Three Months (89 Days)

WHO’S GOT MY BACK? Gregory Deva 60 L



Underwear (30)– Not an area I was willing to budge on

Bathing Suits (7)

T-Shirt (1)

V-necks (6)

Tank-Tops (10)

Vests (2)

Gym Shorts (2)

Capris (2)

PJ/ Comfy Shorts (1)

Jean Shorts (2)

Skirts (2)

Leggings (1)

Dresses (3)

Romper (3)

Rain Jacket (1)

Sweater (1)

Sports bra (1)

Bandeau (2)

Bra (1)

Belts (2) One for hips, other for waist

Serong (1)

Converse (1)

Flip Flop (1)

Sandals (1)

Socks (3)

Back Pack (1)

Purse (1)


Flashlight (1)

Book light with clip (1)

Head phone (1)

Earplugs (2)

Point and Shoot Panasonic Camera (1)

1 DSLR Canon (1)

SD Cards (4)

Flash Drive 8GB (2)

Converter (1)

Camera Charger (1)

Batteries AA (12)

Phone and Charger (1)

Wallet (1)

Money Belt (1)

Sun Glasses (2) Both very cheap

Journal (1)

Book: The Lost Girls (1)

Scissors (1)

Glue Stick (2)


2-in-1 Shampoo (1)

Razor (1)

Extra Cartridge (2)

Wet wipes (1)

SPF 60 (1) Stick size (very small)

SPF 30 (1)

Detergent (1)

Clothes line (1) Very small- a string with safety pins

Safety pins (1 pack)

Duct Tape (2 small roles)

Clips (assortment)

Headbands (2)

Bobby pins (assortment)

q-tips (pack)

tooth brush (1)

Tooth paste (1)

Bronzer (1)

Eyeliner- black (1)

Mascara (1)

Tampons (20)

Sewing Kit (1)

Nail Polish (2)

Extra Body Jewelery (3) In case piercings fall out

Aloe Vera 98% (1)

Small Moisturizer (1)

Lip Balm (1)

Any thing I am missing, I will pick up along the way. Happy Travels. Also, check out here, for a pre-packing list.

Also check out: What To Pack for a Backpacking Trip in South East Asia for Women

5 responses to “IN THE BAG

  1. I love how it looks like more than half your bag is pharmaceutical items and I almost can’t believe you have just 1 bra for your 30 pairs of underwear; I suppose bathing suit tops, bandeaus or the 2 sports bras might work just as well! Regardless, you’ll have a strong (or sore) back after this adventure

  2. you are a great packer. i can never manage to be this thorough or efficient. i always pack really useless items yet forget really essential ones, like pajamas. i always forget pajamas.

  3. Youre so inspirational! i admire you so much and i hope to do everything youre doing now some day. im beginning with a trip with my friend in 3 weeks to go to thailand, vietnam and laos. hopefully someday i can do everything youre doing! i truly admire you and your outlook on life.

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