An UPDATE on the Next Big Trip. I’ll be at the airport in 10 days! TEN DAYS! I think it is safe to say that I am F-R-E-A-K-I-N-G out. Even that is an understatement to how everything is unfolding. I mean, I’ve been away for longer than three months. Semester at Sea: by the time I made it back home and settled, it was an extended trip of just under seven months. So what am I fretting about?

First, this whole back pack business? I mean, honestly. Do people really expect me to live out of a back pack for 3 months? I mean, I have done it before. Oh sure! With Semester at Sea, I visited 8 cities in four days in Japan without ever taking my backpack off. In India, I had one tiny Jansport pack complete with sleeping bag, pillow, and clothes for five days. My favorite must have been Brazil, where I didn’t even have a back pack. One purse, one dress, one swimming suit and four magical days of no shoes on a tiny island. BUT- those were only short term.

The longest, undoubtedly was my six week trip last summer throughout the heat of India, the cold Himalayas, the chic London, England and laid back Amsterdam. I can’t say much about this trip without you realizing first that the mix of countries here was not pre-planned. It just happened. Secondly, this was a ‘B*TCH’ to pack for. I mean, I had winter boots, and a pair of heels in that back pack; conservative long-sleeve dresses mixed with ultra short, open back dresses. Yet, I survived.

I am seriously tempting my faiths here again thinking I will luckily be able to pull this off again, and by tripling my duration! 90 days. One pack.  I already wrote a post on what to pack for South East Asia. I mean, I feel prepared. Kind of.

Secondly… Is really the whole issue of what to pack. Here I am, going in circles sounding like a mad hypocrite, but doesn’t everybody? Does/ Can anybody really tell you what to pack for a trip of six weeks, three months, one year! I mean, however long you go, you are still going to need to pack your toothbrush, and clean set of underwear. So what am I missing?

I went shopping yesterday with Christine Novak. The plan was to get ‘EVERYTHING WE NEEDED’. This included a massive list of drugstore supplies, cheap v-neck t-shirts, and a bathing suit that fit right. (I ended up buying two!). After 7 gruesome hours at our cities biggest shopping mall, with tired arms, and heavy bags we called it quits. Now, sitting in the center of all my purchases: laundry line, book light, two new suits, two v-necks, 3 tank tops and new back pack, I feel even more unprepared.

Third is the basic fact that I will be away all summer. Not home at all. When I come back, I’ll be moving back to school, and my time spent in my childhood city where my family, close friends and boyfriend live will literally be ZILCH to NONE. After this trip, I will have four more countries to add to my list, achieved a birthright of reaching age 21, hopefully be more wiser, praying I haven’t contracted some crazy foreign disease or bug growth in my toe! (True story: My roommate from Semester at Sea had a bug lay it’s eggs in one of her toes. She called me screaming when the eggs hatched!).

On a serious note though. I know this trip will be amazing. It is just really scary to think about, so the next ten days are going to rush right by as if they never existed. BRING IT ON.


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