Just finished reading this absolutely amazing book. First off, this was the first book I have read for pleasure over a year, due to school having me read over fifty books and articles that have no resemblance to my personal interests. I have adopted this book as my own personal solace. I picked it up in the Miami Airport on my way back from Guatemala this past February, began reading it, and dreadfully had to put it aside while I finished up my semester. This past week, on sun bathing days in Riviera Maya in Mexico, I picked it up, and finished it immediately. The story begins of the average American traveler, who takes his year off to see the world and remembers to volunteer along the way. He spends four months volunteering with the company CERV at a orphanage home in Godwari, Nepal. The orphanage was called ‘Little Princes’. In a twist of events, Conor, the author, is called back to Nepal after his year of travel and the real adventure begins. He sets of in to the war-torn country to reunite children with their families and in the process starts up his own non-profit and home for lost children in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Even if you do not read this book, I press you to visit the website, Next Generation Nepal. Learn about this young mans endeavors to save these children and the long and extreme lengths he went through to get every organization involved. After three long years, Conor finally left Nepal, and continued to fund raise from the United States.

Being inspired by this book is an understatement.This is a young man who made a miracle in three short years and saved the lives of many children and families. All the tools he used, he learned and gained in experience. A young man entering a volunteer project, and being heavily moved by it’s situation pressed forward to fix it. If you are anything short of a humanitarian, this book is a perfect read. Filled with love, comic children, edge of your seat adventure, and passion, this book is a perfect addition to any reading collection. The message reads: Anything is possible.

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