Where? Why?

I stumbled across this photo… with this question. I stumbled a lot these days. Can’t you tell? Yet, this photo really stuck with me. As a traveler you always get the same questions, “What was your favorite country or city?”, “Where are you going to travel next?”, “Have you been there?”, and the most famous: “What country do you want to visit the most?”. Well what about this question, ‘where do you not want to go’, or better yet ‘what country attracts you the least’.

The common answer would probably be, Afghanistan, Iraq or maybe Somalia. Yet, those answers are to simple… the only reason we don’t want to go there is because of their current state of war, or failure. If they where free of war they might be the next hot spot. Who knows, right?

So, where do you not want to go?

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now… My goal is to visit half of the total amount of countries in the world. Minimum 100 countries, so what countries don’t make the cut? Afghanistan and Iraq I always saw as countries I would do in thirty or forty years… maybe by then they will be more stable. It was never a country I completely ruled out.

I’m going to have to say: Djibouti. A small east-African country that I really have no desire to go. I don’t even know anything about Djibouti… No one who has been there, it’s current political state. It is a country that rarely makes the headlines, and if I ever where to go, the only reaction I would get would be: “Huh, where is that?”. I mean, have you ever heard about it? You are probably “Googling” it right now. Yet, if I ever got the opportunity to go… I might just have to say yes because if the occasion ever came up; like that one in a million conversation that could potentially occur at a social gathering… I could stump people and be like, “Oh yeah, I’ve been there”. One hell of a conversation starter. For now though, I think I’ll survive if I never go there.

Where do you not want to go? Love to hear about it in the Comments.


  1. Dijbou what?
    Hi, I’m Mishelle. Love your blog (travel addict here too!) :D
    Hope u don’t mind, I would like to recommend your blog on my site.
    Your previous post about the 50 questions is awesome too!

    Back to your question: country that I would never want to visit = none (okay mayb I don’t know yet ;D)

    Happy Travels Hun!

  2. Afghanistan was actually, quite awesome. An “adventure” to say the least. Definitely don’t rule it out.

    Djibouti? I would love to go there. I know people who did and they absolutely loved it. I have never been, but I have been around the border in Ethiopia. If that is any indcation of what the country may hold, it’s definitely a must on my list!!!

    For me it would probably be a combo of about 20 European countries…

    Good post,

  3. …and you know what, after thinking about it – I would never want to go back to Egypt. Although I have already been there, so don’t know if that counts… Compared to any other culture or people I have met, they were just plain sucky. Not all, but the majority.


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