I know, I know… it’s still a long way’s away. However, that is still just a little over two months until all my bags are packed and I am sitting in the airport terminal waiting for the NEXT BIG TRIP to begin!

I still have a month left of school and a minimum of ten more papers to write, but all I can think about is South East Asia! I can only imagine tropical fruits, hostels, vibrant cities and white beautiful beaches. It’s all I can think about, and let me tell you, it’s distracting me from real life!

The last time I was in that area of the world was February 2009, when I visited Vietnam and Cambodia with Semester at Sea. It was the highlight of my semester abroad, the countries that shocked me the most, where the heat really made me sweat, and the adventures I’ll never forget. Now you understand why I needed to go back and explore some more of that area, and for a lot longer than a week. It’s going to be three months and between you and me, that’s the longest I will ever live out of one backpack.

I mean, I have traveled for long period’s of time. Last year I spent four months traveling with Semester at Sea, but that meant a nice beautiful cabin to return to after the week was over of ‘roughin’ it’, and a room to store all of my new purchases in. The longest I traveled with one backpack was my six week journey from May-July 2010 to India, London and Amsterdam. That was a tough one to pack for. Trying to fit in clothes that were culturally except able for India that could get dirty, with warm winter clothes for my hike in the Himalaya’s to trendy evening wear for Europe and a pair of heels; it was hard to shove all of that in one backpack that already had my sleeping bag, mat and pillow in there. But… I did it.

Sleeping outside in the Himalaya’s, India- June 2010

So what about this year? What about this brand new adventure where I will have the same bag for three months? The same smelly clothes, no luxury, and a tight budget? I don’t know what’s waiting for me, but I am excited that I can share it with my two best friends and all of you.


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