Tiss the season to be jolly, fa la la la la.

It’s also time where school is wrapping up, finals are draining our souls, christmas shopping is killing our bank accounts and a two week vacation fit’s perfectly in the holidays.

Right now I am sitting in the Library, procrastinating on my studying to tell you that the day after tomorrow I will be finished my finals, I will be one semester closer to finishing my undergraduate degree and am one day closer to heading to the BIG APPLE!

I’ve kept my brain busy, and have not had the chance to update you all recently. So here it is:

I will be spending a portion of my break on a mini holiday to New York City. (If there are any SASers in the area, give me a shout!)

New York at Christmas time has always captured my heart, the big tree at the Rockefeller center, ice skating at Central Park, a shop at Radio City and window shopping through all of the Christmas displays on Fifth Avenue. If you haven’t been to New York City at Christmas time. You need to add this to your list.  In one word, the city is Magical.

I will post the top five things to do in New York City when I get back, and there will be plenty of pictures!

The last time I was in New York City was this past August for a Semester at Sea reunion, and a mini road trip to the Hamptons. So this holiday to the heart of Manhattan will have a different take.

Next I will fly to overseas to Italy for Christmas, with a quick trip to Budapest in the midst of that. I have never been to Hungary, so this experience is new and will make it a whopping 27 countries that I have traveled too.

So I have one more day studying for finals, writing a final, then six hours to pack, drive the hour to my home town, finish packing, get some shut eye and then head to the airport at 4:15 am.

So Merry Christmas, and I hope you all get lost this holiday season somewhere new or abroad!



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