As Luck would have it I am in Miami right now! I just flew here this morning for a short weekend, a quick trip to the southern sun and work on my non-existent tan! I am traveling with my mother, and this would be our third thanksgiving spent in sunny Miami. See, my mom and I are both vegetarians… well actually, she is a vegan, but the point is: we don’t eat turkey. We don’t eat the fish that can be used as a substitute and are we really going to go out of our way to eat tofu? (I know tofu is good, but while everyone is eating the real thing… I can’t exactly justify tofu). So for lack of a better word, my mom and I ‘DIP’ out of Canada, and head to the States. Since you have to do something three times before it becomes a tradition, I would have to say this would officially seal the deal and make it a tradition.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone:) I’m celebrating with the ocean! Gobble Gobble Gobble!


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