It’s been a long year. One full of many countries, cultures and cities. It was time to start experimenting with my own Canada. British Columbia is considered the prettiest province of Canada, full of the Rockies, extreme sports, totem polls and Yogi Bear.  Vancouver, the main city is a sky scraper landscape with rolling mountains in the background, and the pacific ocean intertwined around the islands.

It only makes sense to tell you how even in a first world country, I managed to brush the lips of homelessness by almost spending the night clutching my luggage in a downtown park of Vancouver City. It was our third day in Vancouver, and one of the longest. It began at 7 am with a breakfast our new friend Riian made us. We decided to house hop our stay in Vancouver to try on save on some cash. However our plan backfired as our second and third house hostesses decided that being out of the province was a little bit more convenient for them. Naturally we waited it out at our first accommodation, and kind of out stayed our welcome. After the third night, at 7 am, we packed our bags and thanked them for their hospitality. This day went on until 11 at night with a nap in the park, and nowhere to go. Briana, the friend I was travelling with, had this nonnegotiable fear of hostels. I’m not sure how she built it up in her head, but she refused to give it a chance. She would have rather slept in the park, outside, in the cold, with no blankets then give in and stay at the hostel.

I dragged her ass there. Samesun Backpackers. This is a wicked hostel for any travellers. They organize daily excursions, are so helpful with everything, have their own pub inside, and the rooms are decently priced with clean sheets. After travelling the world this year, I have come to realize that Hostels are a big part of why I love to travel. I was home. I love the atmosphere, the people, the common rooms.                                                                

Briana was still sketchy, but by 11:15 we had already checked in, changed our clothes and ordered a pitcher at the hostel bar with an Australian, another Canadian and a German man. Briana stayed skeptical until the next morning after breakfast where she bluntly said, “let’s stay two more nights”. VICTORY!

This beat sleeping outside in the cold… I don’t mind being homeless in foreign countries, but I had to admit, when it comes to Canada and the United States. I feel there really is no excuse to sleep outside on the street’s unless you are really cracked out.

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