I am home from another mini getaway… I have to admit, I didn’t even plan this 5 day trip to New York. It just sort of happened and came together in less than 48 hours like most of my trips have been lately. It was Kara’s birthday, my beloved friend from Brooklyn, New York who was my roommate on Semester at Sea and who I traveled with to the Himalaya’s in India this past June.

It’s been a crazy ride with her, and to be honest this weekend in New York was the most normal thing we’ve done. I sat in a car with her while she was driving, we went to the movies, vegetated on the couch one day watching True Blood. It was weird being normal with her. Not right.

The weekend went by slowly, with a road trip to her country house in the Hamptons. This was essentially in one word: Glam. Each house we passed seemed bigger and larger than the last one! The weekend was passed sitting by the pool, or in the hot tub with a cold Corona soaking in the sun. Until of course it began to down pour, and we had to drive back to the city.

It was an amazing weekend for the pure fact that I got to spend it with my best friends from Semester at Sea. Our own little reunion!

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