Veganism, Praying and India

It’s been a few days now that I am in India again at the Ashram. Being here in the hottest month for India has certainly put a burden on my travels. An outing to Varanasi has been cancelled due to the extreme weather conditions, and when I say extreme, I mean HOT. We’re talking about 50 degree weather here, where on an average the temperature is around 46 degrees Celsius (upwards of 110 degrees Fahrenheit). It’s a scorcher, enough to make you dizzy and want to pass out within minutes.

Of course, the heat has its up sides, such as 1) Its virtually too hot to do anything, but lay down praying that the Air Conditioning will work today. The power is not exactly reliable and therefore you get an insane amount of down time. 2) You’re always taking cold showers which im told are supposed to be good for your skin. The cold water rejuvinates your skin making you look younger by tightening it. Im sure this works over a long duration of time where cold showers are part of yoru daily routine. 3) There is a lot of time to read and write, while your laying on your bed waiting for the AC to turn back on, which is also a meditative practice. 4) Your body is so hot that it’s just willing to shed as many pounds as possible so you could be cooler. Basically, you’re never hungry and are really just getting skinnier by the day. Yesterday I ate half a mango, which was delicious and two small baked potatoes. That was it! For the entire day, and I felt beyond full. Ofcourse, all the food here is of a strict vegan diet, with specific times to eat. Once in the morning, and once at night. By the night time meal, I am always to tired and hot, that leaving my room just seems impossible. So I really do eat only once a day, and am slowly warming up the strict vegan diet. It’s all Indian cuisine, and I wouldn’t expect it to be any different, but I have to admit, it is rather dull. All I want is something fresh, even a tomato would suffice instead of cooked potatoes and brown rice.

We wake up every morning at 5 am, to get ready for the morning yoga practice. By 8 am it’s already too hot to walk around outside and you’re stuck inside. However today is a bit of an exciting day, were travelling around the city of Allahabad and going to the exact point in the Sanghem river where Gandhi was pushed off of after his death. People swim there to purify themselves of their sins. All women bathing fully dressed while men are able to strip down to their boxers.

I guess well have to see how it went in the next POST:)

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