I’m home from my voyage around the world. It’s my first day back, sitting at my kitchen table, just ate a piece of my favorite cake and hopefully trying to update you guys.  So here is how Florida went…

America. What can I say about a country I was so sure of before I left? A culture I knew like the back of my hand? It was the biggest culture shock of them all.

Returning to a country where consumerism is at our number one desire and drives our production services. There where vendors, and stores, shopping malls and outlet malls. Everything you wanted you could find, and all of a sudden cheap meant $20.  The good old days where you would ask someone, “Oh where is that shirt from” and they would say ” Well, I got it on sale for $20 at such and such”. You would think it was a snag, a dirt cheap steal, but after my Voyage, that $20 could have bought out an entire store. Could have fed families for weeks, sustained someone in the bottom billion for over a month.

On another note, food is everywhere in America. We have progressed to the point where we no longer stress over finding food and staying healthy and full. We now have enough money to go out and not only buy food, but buy bad food, fatty foods, packaged foods. Today one of the leading health problems in America is obesity. How can obesity be one of the biggest problems when the rest of the world suffers? When the rest of the world has no food? How can our culture justify the way we live and not help our world when we have all the resources to do it. We have media, education, a democratic government. The message can get across and yet we ignore it, shrug it off like this is the way it is and no one can change that, 57% of American’s don’t even believe in Global Warming. It is a sense of denial, ignorance on our part and sheer greed or selfishness.

America shocked me. It upset me, and sent me into a state of deep thought. Why do we try to save the world when really, our culture needs saving aswell? We live in clean neighbourhoods, warm homes, and yet we litter hoping someone will clean up after us. Below are pictures from Ghana, the reality of what happens when no one cleans up. How a waterfall pertrudes from the rubbish, and homes are perched up all around it. Our culture needs to WAKE UP.



  1. Elena, very well written. Bravo! You raise some very deep and provocative points. I’m currently doing some research for a work I am writing called “Blame Al-Qaeda: The American Answer to Everything”, which addresses some of the same things.

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