If you’ve ever been to Capetown, then you would have paid a visit to Long Street. The street is very long, go figure, and is the known bar street of Capetown. Putting on my dancing shoes and packing only a little bit of money, we began our night. The point of this story is that I left the ship around 10:00 pm but had to be back in the Union packed and ready to go to the airport by 4:00 am; a short window to experience the real night life of Capetown. This was because I was heading to my Safari that night. Of course, that never fazed me nor my friends, we just thought we would figure it out as we went along.

Bar hopping along the strip we met other Semester at Sea crowds. Following them and the word of mouth we started at the bar, Stones, then headed over to Ivy League dance club where they held a personalized dance party for Semester at Sea, and then ended our night at Dubliners, the Irish Pub. I don’t know what it is about Irish Pubs, but they are everywhere! Regardless, we met hundreds of South Africans who were in Capetown because of a huge annual marathon later on that week that some of the Semester at Sea students took part of. There was even an Argentinian Rugby team running around Capetown that week that many people bumped into. Overall it was an amazing evening, we laughed, danced, talked and made new friends all at the same time.

3:00 am rolls around when we sadly had to pack everyone up and head over to the ship. None of us were ready to go, which is a first for this trip. Capetown is one of those cities that never sleeps, and it got the better of us. Back on the ship, we quickly packed our bags and headed into the Union to meet up with the other 200 students who were going on a Safari that morning.

I had no intention of sleeping, and I really didn’t get an opportunity to sleep until the next evening. Exhausted and wearing my make up from the night before, the two days blurred into one. At the airport people asked what I did “yesterday”, but to me, it was earlier that day. Amy and I sat on the floor in the airport miserable, wishing we could brush our teeth and find a comfy piece of ground to sleep on, but the connecting flights kept us on our toes and always moving. Both flights combined only equalled an hour and half which wasn’t enough to sleep on.

Landing in Hoidspurt, a half hour flight from Johannesburg, we were the only plane in this terminal. Actually, we were the only plane in the whole airport that goes back and forth. There was no terminal, just a landing strip where people already saw Cheetahs and Giraffes as we landed.

Once the plane stopped, we all got out, and there on the run way were our four by four’s waiting for us. Excited we all hopped on and went for our first mini game drive through the Kapama Reserve until we got to the Kapama River Lodge. I was excited, but my body hated me and needed sleep. It was around 1:00 pm by the time we got to our hotel… and it was a two hour window that I had to spare for a long nap with good memories and excitement for the next three days.


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