In the back of my mind Goa has always been a destination on my top 10. I’ve heard people tell me how beautiful it was, a honey moon destination, a backpacker’s paradise and a hippie’s domain. Expats from the 1960’s moved there as a refuge and turned some of the northern beaches into a relaxed, flower child town. I always wanted to go, to walk through the markets and lay on the beaches. When I found someone who was interested to go as well, we planned our whole time in India around two days in Goa.

Kalee and I read the Lonely Planet section front to back over 100 times, and we still had made no finalized plans. We knew everything about Goa but to be honest, we had no plans what so ever. On the plane from Bombay to Goa I met a bunch of students who were headed to Baga beach in northern Goa for their senior trip, so as per their recommendation, that’s where we ended up.

We asked the taxi driver to drop us off on the main road near the beach, and then we just walked around trying to find a place to sleep and park our belongings. There we were, walking up and down the beach with our backpacks, sweating, hot, tired and excited. We finally found a small hotel, right in the middle of the main street, Tito’s street. It was 10 dollars a night complete with no windows, cockroach shower buddies and dirty sheets. Good thing we had our sleeping bags. Once we were able to look past the bad stuff, we realized we had a relatively clean flushing toilet and prime location, so we really could not complain. My first shower was exciting since shower curtains don’t exist. It really is just a bucket and tap with spider webs in the corners and a cockroach on the floor. I’m surprised how calm I took the whole situation. I just took my time in there.

We ate some amazing India Food on the beach at Britto’s and walked half an hour to Mackies Saturday Night Bazaar. A huge market held every Saturday evening. I bought some amazing Indian Jewellery: Bracelets, Bindi’s (which I wear everyday), and huge nose rings just for kicks. Kalee bought some beautiful cushion covers and dresses.

After the market we wanted to experience the night life, and I found myself laughing the entire time. Goa is like a Mexico spring break for Indians. They danced their traditional, very stereotypical type of Indian dance to our North American top 40. It was hysterical and so much fun to see them let loose and drink. The locals would grab us and dance with us, and I have to admit I am horrible at Indian dancing, but it was a fun experience.

The next morning was an early one. 6:30 am we were up and walking to a neighbouring town of Calangante. It was time for Scuba Diving. Signing up for this was a story all on its own. They asked us if we were PADI Scuba Certified. Kalee answered ‘yes’, and I was honest, replying, ‘no’. The guide looked at me and asked, ‘Have you been diving before?’. Truth is I had the summer before in Australia, so I answered, ‘yes’. He looked at me and said: ‘well, your certified then!’ We all laughed, and I took this lightly, until the next morning when I was in the water and our guide told me to press my PVC or decompress or something along those lines and I just stared at him blankly. I had no idea what he wanted me to do, and as everyone around me started going underwater I had to grab our guide’s attention, “Look, I have to be honest…. I have been underwater before, but I have no idea what you just told me to do”. He laughed and then took my hand for the next 45 minutes.

Two dives later exploring shipwrecks 50 feet underwater we came up to the surface accomplished, and exhausted.

That evening we sat at the Shorebar, a little cafe and/or bar on another northern beach, Anjuna, with a live band. We sat there for almost a collective 6 hours just watching the sunset, admiring the ocean, watching the cows roam around the beach freely, and large groups of Indians running up and down the beach having fun. Kalee and I ate, sat in silence watching, or we talked about our own things. It was the most relaxing afternoon, and absolutely perfect. You could not plan anything that perfect.

3:30 am the next morning after getting back to bed around 1, we were up and packing to make our way to the airport. We were on our way to Cochin in the beautiful state of Keralla.


2 responses to “SAS: HAVE YOU BEEN TO GOA?

  1. Amazing experience. I went to GOA a time ago, But I didn’t experience like you did. You have a lots of courage to go on your own.

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