**Check previous Blog for Part 1**

There were four of us, all of us had never hung out before, and none of us knew where we were going. I only knew 2 of them in passing. Yet, there we were all sitting around a table drinking 333 Beer or Tiger beer at Alleez Boo Bar, a bar Lonely Planet recommended. In the guide books description it roughly said it was a quaint bar, notorious for attracting travellers with a handful of prostitutes thrown in. Sound’s ideal. People kept coming up to us from the streets trying to sell us dried squid, jewellery, and cigarettes or there were those who came to perform for tips.

He was about 12 and small for his age. He set up his bag right in front of our table, and within minutes he was spinning fire, swallowing and breathing fire. It was crazy! In the midst of all the chaos, with people cheering, while we were drinking our beers he pulled out a tiny snake. About 2 feet long, but only 2-3 cm wide. It was lime green and he proceeded to feed the snake through his nose and out of his mouth! I was shocked. The boys act wasn’t over it. He pulled the snake out, and then pushed the snake all the way down his throat. At first I thought the snake was plastic, but he gave it to us afterwards, and it started moving in my hands. (Pictures will come soon!). It was alive.

This is when we met the Italian, Luke and his British friends. All had been travelling for more than several months. They all pulled up chairs to our table and we began swapping stories, emails and passing the snake around while taking pictures and giving tips to the little boy.

It was almost 1 am, and the young boy with no shoes on, packed his bag, took his snake and proceeded to the next bar with his tips in his pocket ready to perform again.


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