Yesterday, we were docked in Singapore, unable to get off the boat, simply looking at the islands as the ship was getting refuelled. We had an army tank boat circling us to protect us from the pirates found in those waters. It was a recipe of excitement.

Today is a different kind of excitement. It is the Sea Olympics. A whole day event of games such as tug-of-war, salty whistle, crab soccer, hula hooping, lip syncing, synchronized swimming and more. All seven seas have their own colours. I, being in the Red Sea, am decked out in some flashy red, while others have embraced body paint and glitter.

Every sea created their own banner, showing pride, creating cheers and dances for every victory. My sea, a small sea, kept quiet at our pep rally last night, but today, we quickly recuperated spirit and my sea, although small is very mighty.

Winners of the sea Olympics, along with bragging rights, get the privilege of being the first ones of the boat when we dock in Fort Lauderdale in May. A luxury I would love to have. Being last on the boat would be horrible especially when all your friends are leaving, and you may never see them again.

Going through all the games, cheering on team mates, creating communities and team spirit, the afternoon went by quickly. The crew held a barbeque dinner for us complete with ribs and veggie-burgers. It was for sure one of the best meals we had on the ship. The whole top deck felt like a party atmosphere. People were in swimsuits, others had body paint on that was smeared from the sweat of excitement and heat. It felt like a luau, so naturally we all jumped into our tiny pool. It began with chicken fights and harmless splashing, but within minutes the pool was crowded with people. We all started chanting: “NEED MORE PEOPLE”, and one by one people jumped into the pool until we were all packed in like sardines. Even some professors, LLC’s and Education directors jumped in. Majority of us were fully clothed, who just squeezed into every nook and crevice of the pool. It became the best, but packed, pool party ever.

After a quick shower, everyone headed to the Union to hear the scores and tally of the day’s event. With no spirit at the pep-rally the night before, I was sure, among others that we were going to come dead last. However, sitting there at the closing ceremonies we were sitting at second place from the tallies released at lunch, and were pushing the Gold medal.

The announcer came on, giving us the scores of the afternoon’s events and then finally the top three finalists. It was between the Adriatic Sea and my sea, the Red Sea. The announcer started: “and in second place…” a drum roll, “the ADRIATIC SEA”. My sea got up and started screaming, “The winner is the RED SEA!” Cheering, screaming and jumping into each other had taken over our corner of the Union, we had won!


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