Hostel Review: Kyoto BakPak, Japan

BaKPaK Kyoto Hostel.

The hostel, near the Gion District and a two minute walk over the bridge to the night life was a mystic of colours and design. The location among thing’s was just a 3-10 minute walk from all the highlights. It is a one minute walk to the subway that allows all off Kyoto to be at your finger tips.

The five floor hostel had 2 lounges complete with internet, WIFI, TV’s and a variation of movies to choose from. Each floor was decorated with pictures, magazine cut outs, posters and flag’s. Within being there for 5 minutes we had already made friends with other travellers. The social aspect is excellent.

The room’s all have lockers available for an additional cost to put valuable’s in, the beds are comfortable except very low to the ground, meaning if you are in the bottom bunk, you are basically on the floor in what seems like a scary little cave. Otherwise the top bunk is very spacious.

It was only an average of 20 American dollar’s per night. There is no curfew, and no lock out.

Overall, I loved this hostel, I would recommend staying there for a while as the people are great and helpful. They speak English very well.

On the negative side, there are only two bathrooms, with a total of four toilets, two for women, two for males and only one shower. However, if you can get over that, which isn’t really as inconvenient as you think. I highly recommend it. or email at

Address: 1-234 Miyagawa Suji, Higashiyamuku, Kyoto

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