HOSTEL REVIEW: Guest House UK Hostel in OSAKA

**Disclaimer: The following posts from Japan are all coming at once.. I apologize in advance.**

Guest House UK Hostel.

This hostel is not traditional, but it is a ten person dormitory. It is one block away from the subway station, and a 10 minute walk to the night life district of Osaka. Set up in an apartment building, the hostel is a small apartment converted into a hostel. Three bedrooms, 2 rooms with 3 beds each generally for women and one larger room with four beds for men. The shower is clean, and the kitchen is extremely accessible. We had made noodles late at night without any problem. 

The owner, Masa is extremely kind and helpful. He lives in another apartment down the block and leaves you the key’s so it is extremely private and sort of like your own pad. The fridge and walls are covered with graffiti from previous visitors leaving their comments about how great the hostel was which was extremely reassuring.

There is high speed internet available, and Masa left us his lap top as well so we had two computers. He had even surprised us with 12 beers in the fridge for forgetting what date we had made the reservation.

Due to it being so small, you run the risk of being at the hostel with just a few other people so it may not be the most social experience, but we had an Australian bunk with us who was a blast! Plus, the location really does make up for it.

A wonderful host with fairly good English, reasonable prices, and great location.

Guest House UK Hostel

Address: 1-12-9 Kitahorie Nishi-ku, Osaka City

Bookings can be made on or email:

Directions from the KIX Airport:

1)      Take the JR Line from the airport to Osakaà Choose an express Kansai Airport Rapid or Haruka towards Tennoji. ( Will be around YEN 1,000= Approx 10 American dollars)

2)      Get off at Tennoji station  (a 40 minute ride)

3)      Get on the Osaka City Subway via the East Gate of Tennoji Station (Follow the instructions on the board following the RED COLOUR line: Midosuji line)

4)      Buy a ticket for YEN 230à From Tennoji to Yotsubashi

5)      Go to platform #3, go to 2 stops ahead and get off at Daikokoucho Station

6)      At Daikokoucho station get off and change sides of the platform getting on the Blue Line (Yotsubashi) and ride on Osaka Direct.

7)      Get off at Yotsubashi Station

8)      Proceed to gate number 6, turn right and go straight along the street up to the second corner.

9)      Make a right and walk straight until you see the Cafe Florian on your right (it is a small wooden cafe)

10)   Just behind the cafe is the building where the hostel is located: Press 705 and they will let you in.

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