The ship is rocking again as our captain gave us a long detour around a storm that was a repercussion of the earthquake that hit south Japan a few days ago. As far as I’m concerned, the earthquake had no casualties and was minor on the surface of Japan. Then again, I have no internet to double check these facts.

Our first Global Studies exam was yesterday, a 50 question multiple choice exam that we all wrote during the 20 foot swells that keep knocking us out of our chairs. So far, class on the ship seems to be easy and the grading is fair.

However, the storm put our route of a delay and we won’t be arriving in Japan on schedule. The delay is only 2 hours, but that does not take into account the time for customs. Word on the street is that Japanese customs takes the most amount of time and each student has to go through a thermal scanner. If it shows that you have a slight fever or appear sick, you are not allowed off the boat. May it be psychological, but ever since I’ve heard that, I’ve felt a slight tickle in the back of my throat coming on.  Just my luck… looks like I’ll be drugging myself up with med’s tonight.

Today is Asia Day with sessions running all day long in hopes to prepare us for Japanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese cultures. I on the other hand took the day of no classes as an opportunity to recuperate on sleep and prepare my own belongings for the trip to Japan.

The itinerary of Japan is rough, but sort of looks like this:

DAY 1:

-Arrive in Yokohama, and visit a free noodle factory/ museum.

-Take a train to Tokyo and spend the day in the city visiting crazy Anime towns, eating hoards of Sushi and hopefully visiting the John Lennon Museum.

– I spend the night in a capsule hotel (Pictures to come!)

DAY 2:

-Wake up in Tokyo and travel across the country to Hiroshima (a suggested 8-10 hour roundtrip voyage)

-After Hiroshima, travel back to Mount Koya and spend the night in a Buddhist Temple **I am extremely excited about this. Supposedly we have to wake up before sunrise for a fire ceremony, and spend time in bath houses. (I’m sure there will be stories to tell!)

DAY 3:

– Travel to Nara, the previous capitol of Japan of where they are supposedly celebrating their 3100th anniversary, (but don’t quote me on that… Ill find out proper logistics later)

-Spend the night in Osaka enjoying karaoke bars and Japanese night life

Day 4:

-Wake up in Osaka and travel to Kyoto, the traditional capitol of Japan, visiting shrines and temples.

-Sleep here.

Day 5:

– Travel to Kobe where I board the ship later that afternoon.

Now all that’s left is printing out directions, figuring out the trains timetables and packing.



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2 responses to “DAY 22: PREPARING FOR JAPAN

  1. elena it sounds like you are having an amazing time! i am extremely jealous of you but oh so happy for you all at the same time! i was just up researching machu picchu trips! contact me whenever you have time or when you are done with this crazy busy semester traveling the world. miss and send you my love from land locked iowa. big hug.

  2. Hi Elena, where are you today? “Life Rehab @ Sea” is waiting to be written–what have you rehabilitated so far….is it something physical…something mental or ….something spiritual? Keep it well-rounded and capture your ‘Mind, Body and Soul’ — it will be a best seller.
    Looking forward to hearing what’s new and what’ next!
    Love and xoxoxoxo

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