DAY 17: Semester At Sea LIFE REHAB

A term my new found friends and roommate have come up with. Semester at Sea continues to surprise me. With so much free time the only thing left to do is sign up for random clubs. There is the knitting club, the photography club, the interpretive dance club, the meditation club along with many others. My absolute favourite though, is doing yoga everyday on the ship’s deck at 3:30 pm. I’ve personally never done yoga before, but I’m absolutely in love with it. Especially since we are doing it outside on the ship’s deck and with the rocking of the boat it’s actually quite amazing.

In addition to the daily yoga regiment, there is the interpretive dance class, which don’t judge, is insanely fun and a crazy workout. While being in touch with our inner selves, you pair that with the detoxification of limited alcohol and salads at every meal, you get what we call: Life Rehab.

It’s a relaxing voyage so far. Constantly working on what seems to be, self betterment and looking inward. The theme of the Spring 2010 voyage is sustainability as well, which just continues with the whole other theme of Life Rehab, and really getting in touch with your roots.

To fill the time, I have also joined a Zumba dance class, a Cause Campaign to bring awareness of global issues such as Child Soldiers, holding a bone marrow dirve and my favourite: Invisible Children,

To sum it up: This voyage does transform you, and makes you focus on yourself before being exposed to the truth and reality of the whole world.

One response to “DAY 17: Semester At Sea LIFE REHAB

  1. I love this concept Elena…”Life Rehab @ Sea!” It sounds like the beginning of the making of a great book! What do you think? What have you knocked off your Bucket List these days?
    Keep us informed… stay well, stay happy, stay within yourself!
    Love and xoxoxoxo

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